Best Content for Twitter Marketing

Twitter is the platform that is designed to offer fast information, live streaming news, and at one-half billion tweets per day. A must-have for your marketing arsenal.

Twitter is also designed more for a mobile audience. Estimates of Twitter’s mobile usage are upwards of 80% versus desktop users. These are important factors to consider when marketing with twitter.

Best Practices for Twitter Content Marketing:

Set a target:

If you want to achieve something you need to set a goal. Objectives of your goal can be:

  • Creating product awareness
  • Engaging followers in conversation
  • Framing credibility
  • Lead development
  • Brand promotion
  • Customer support

You need to monitor the objectives so that you can come to know whether you are reaching your goal or not.

Selecting the target audience:
There are various methods to which you can reach your target audience and check whether your posts are reaching the right person or not. You can search for keywords, hashtags, locations, etc. with the help of tools like Hootsuite, followerwonk, etc.

Be available:
People prefer brands that can be easily approached. Try to remain available for your users.

Improving tweets:
Pinned tweets are available on your timeline. You should take advantage of it and pin some popular tweets. You can also add a video or an image that will engage more people.

Utilization of analytics tool:
It will give you detail about your followers. Tools like sprout social will help you to measure the engagement statistics. We’ve published an in-depth analytics article How to Track Twitter Followers and Analyse Metrics

Objectives for Twitter content:

Take Inspiration from competitors:

  • You should always be aware of the posts tweeted by your competitors, how the audience is reacting to it and what content is being shared by them.

Reacting on tweets:

  • So many tweets are posted by the followers. You should always give a positive response. You can ask your questions or share your ideas.

Sharing press coverage:

  • You should always look for positive reviews around you related to your products, company and then share it with others.

Trending hashtags:

  • Monitor the popular hashtags being used by other industries and brands. From here you can get an idea about what people exactly want.

Acknowledge live events and national holidays:

Most of the content on Twitter is related to politics, fashion, culture, sports, etc. Try to share your thoughts so that you can feature your brand. If your audience is youngsters, then live-tweeting is the best option to increase your brand engagement.

How frequently post should be tweeted?

Tweets should be posted on a regular basis. According to a study some brands used to tweet four times a day. Brands need to tweet at least 3 times in a day to engage people. Brands that are posting less than 3 tweets in a day have shown decreased engagement of the audience.
If you want to see how many posts are beneficial to be posted in a day you should start by posting 5 tweets in a day then you can monitor it.

Best time to tweet:

According to research people are least engaged on Sunday. The best time to post is from Monday to Saturday and the timing should be between 10 to 12 o’clock. People are actively engaged on Friday.

Audience engagement depends on industry to industry.

  • On Wednesday, the most engagement is seen in the healthcare industry.
  • On Saturday, the brand-related to consumer goods show more engagement.
  • On Friday, the most engagement is shown in brands related to technology.

You should monitor your brand engagement by tracking with the help of analytics. There should be a schedule for posting. You can use pages related to analytics to find out the time when the engagement is at the peak.

Twitter Posts – Ideal Length and Duration

The character limit has been increased to 280 but the post should be short. A perfect post is between 70 to 100 characters. Shorter tweets are preferred over longer tweets.

Mix it Up


Running a Twitter contest is fun. It should not be complicated; it should be simple. This contest may help you by bringing new users, but you must plan in such a way that they remain engaged. Here are some contest ideas to help you plan the right contest. So, the 11 Twitter contest ideas that can help you are:

  • Follow, retweet and like to enter:

Twitter contests of this type will help you to increase the engagement of users and increase follower count. The most important point to remember is that you need to state your requirements clearly. You should have a clear Twitter strategy so that you can increase your followers and engagement of people by conducting a Twitter contest.

  • Tagging a friend:

According to this Twitter contest, you must tell your followers to tag their friends to enter. By doing this you can increase your follower count by adding a genuine audience. Generally, users will tag those people who are also interested in the same thing.

  • Use Hashtag to enter:

During the campaign the best way to engage more people used by using unique hashtags. If you are asking your users to use the hashtags, they will do that, but you should prefer some other idea.

  • Show how to enter:

You want to increase your brand awareness you need to ask for feedback. Like, @ALT Reign’s contest Twitter contest asks participants to comment on their favorite ALT Reign skin to enter. In this way, Twitter members are also engaged, and they get feedback about their brand.

It’s time to get more creative with this contest. You should focus on your goals and set objectives to accomplish them.

  • Play to Win:

The Twitter contest should contain lots of games and fun. You can show a photograph and ask the audience how many people there in the photograph are. The audience is more interested in visuals. Your question should be related to your brand, this is the best opportunity to promote your brands.

  • Retweet to Enter:

The simplest example is a retweet. Users can easily participate in this contest and it is very easy to understand. The goal of this contest is to increase brand awareness.

  • Reply to win:

In this twitter contest, the audience is actively engaged. They can reply with the help of some emoji or phrases. They can respond to any question. By doing so your ranking can also improve.

  • Partner with an influencer:

Partnering has many Advantages. Two people can team up to Advertise their brand. By doing so more and more followers will join. Mutual goals can be set, and contests can be made according to it.

  • Sending pictures to enter:

You can ask your followers to send in pictures to engage with them more personally. The audience can also send feedback, poems, etc. related to your brand. These types of contests should be related to themes. Your users can send images related to your brand or services.

  • Vote to enter:

It is fun to participate in polling as it is easy and quick. Asking the right question, the poller can be given valuable feedback. For more exposure retweet is required.

  • Engaging somewhere else to enter:

The best way to promote a new channel is through a cross-platform contest that can engage the most audience. If you have a strong audience at Twitter you can grow your audience at other platforms also.

Live tweet an Event

You can engage your audience by live-tweeting. They can also get information about the events that they are willing to attend. It is synonymous with the work of a reporter. People will be engaged more if the content provider is relevant to their needs. So, here are some tips by which you can conduct a live tweet event:

  • Ready to react:

Even if you are prepared you never know what will happen next. Some moments have occurred during live events that could not be predicted. When any such thing occurs, the planned things are to be left behind and you must go with the flow.

You can even inform your audience about the events occurring around them. You can also conduct events that are not related to your brand. This will help you to increase your audience engagement.

  • Mixing up more:

Event photos can be posted wherever you want. There should be diversity in content so that a greater number of audiences are engaged. Here is a list of examples of some tweets:

  • You can use the event hashtag to answers the questions asked by the audience
  • You can post your event photos.
  • Retweeting performers or presenters.
  • Speakers quotes
  • Event-related questions

You can post backstage videos for some updates related to the event.

  • Repurposing and wrapping it:

You can get plenty of content from any live tweet at the end of an event. After the event has finished you should collect the best ways to share them with your audience. You can even post it in Instagram stories. You can also promote your content through videos on YouTube or Facebook. Images containing quotes by the speaker can also be posted.

  • Pre-preparation for the event:

Even if it is a small event or a big event anything can happen, so you must be prepared to tackle it. Pre-planning is very important for any successful event. You need to be active and ready to respond. This will help you to remain organized.

Here is a list of some points that can help you to prepare:

1. You can create image templates that contain your company logo, quotes, hashtags, etc.

2. You can post some tweets related to your event. These posts can contain some details about the event or about the things that will happen.

3. You should be aware of the names and the people involved in the event. Prepare the answers to the questions that will be asked by the audience beforehand.

  • Creating hashtags:

Your followers can easily track you if you are using unique hashtags. With the help of hashtags, your followers can become aware of your live tweets.

For example. #oscars hashtag was used by the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. A hashtag created for an event should be short so that your audience can easily recall it. Before posting it you should be sure that it was not used by anyone else.

  • Making every tweet count:

You should always tweet valid and reliable content. Content should be such that it will not hurt the user’s feelings. The quality of photos and videos posted should be good. The photo should not be blurred, and the video should contain good sound quality.

You should mention the details of the photographs or videos posted like the name of the speaker. Provide a link related to that photo or video in your bio. The content should be such that it will bring more audience. People will follow you if they will find your content more interesting and useful.

  • Ad Campaigns

Twitter is a great platform for driving traffic. Many companies can determine their growth through this platform. If you are new to twitter we suggest you get started with our informative post: Getting started on Twitter for Marketing. We’ve also published a more in-depth analytics article How to Track Twitter Followers and Analyse Metrics.


Write content for Twitter that your readers actually want to engage with and follow. No matter your industry or sector, Twitter marketing is a valuable tool that can help you reach your goals and interact with your existing and future customers. Like every other social media network, set goals that you can measure, plan what you need to share with your audience, and learn how to track your successes. Use these strategies alongside marketing tools and you’ll quickly boost your marketing reach, build a more loyal customer base, and ultimately gain more brand advocates.

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