How to Setup a Twitter Ad Campaign in 2020

More than 60% of Twitter users are interested in small businesses. So, Twitter is a great platform for driving traffic. Many companies can determine their growth through this platform.

If you have any doubts related to Twitter or still not using Twitter, then keep on reading this so that you can learn how you can use Twitter Ad campaigns so that you can increase your audience.

Twitter is a great tool by which you can promote tweets related to specific topics. You can also take the help of twitter Ads to expand your follower’s list. The people who are not following you can also see your Ads through Twitter Ads. This is more helpful as many people will come to know about your business. There is no need to spend lots of money on this, as these Ads yield great results in a small budget.

So, how do you get started? Let’s walk through the basic steps to setting up a Twitter Ad and how to decide on the best structure for your campaign. If you are new to twitter we suggest you get started with our informative post: Getting started on Twitter for Marketing


1. Choose between “Promote Mode” and “Twitter Ads.”

Advertisement can be done through Twitter Ads or by promoted Tweets.

First, you need to visit the menu screen. Then you must make a choice between running an Ad campaign or promoting an individual tweet to set up Twitter Ads.

Twitter Ads Versus Promoted Tweets:

Promoted tweets will appear in the search results only for specific users. Twitter Ads include multiple groups of tweets to achieve their goals. Twitter apps can also be displayed in the news feeds of users.

How to choose?

For promoted tweets, you need to pay monthly charges for as long as you want to promote a tweet. It will get you more exposure to a specific area related to your business. Twitter Ads are best if you want to increase your followers count.

2. Decide the Objective of Twitter Ads:

It is easy to set up promoted tweets. But to launch the Twitter Ad campaign determining objective is important. You can choose from the eight objectives and you can get the details related to it by clicking on them.

  • App installs
  • Followers
  • Tweet engagements
  • Promoted video views
  • Website clicks or conversions
  • App re-engagements
  • In-stream video views (pre-roll)
  • Awareness

The focus of AD campaigns is on followers. This campaign helps in profile promotion rather than on the tweets.

3. Fill in Details of the Ad campaign:

After the object selection, you can Add the details related to your campaign like naming the campaign, selecting the dates, budget of your campaign.

Depending on the objective you chose in Step 2, you might have other details to fill in that are unique to your Ad. If your objective is app installs, for example, this step will require you to connect your app to Twitter, and then select this app from the dropdown shown here.

After deciding the amount of money, you want to spend on Twitter Ads you need to set up your daily budget and total budget.

From your daily budget, the amount will be paid to Twitter. Your promoted Ad should be set on “standard” so that your target audience can view them or to “accelerated” so that it shows how many times your Ad was shown throughout the day.

4. Creating an Ad group:

The next step is creating an Ad group for the campaign. At least one pre-created group should be on the left side of the Ads page. If you want to create more Ad groups you need to select the “copy Ad group” option which is on the right side of the Ad group and you will see that one new group will appear as shown above. 

Ad groups are individual Ads that consist of their own budgets, audiences, and start and end times — but operate under the umbrella of your larger campaign. You need to enter the name of your group, the budget of your Ad group, the timings and the bid type in the” details” tab.

Ad costs are different for different Twitter Ads. You can bid for placement in three different ways these are listed below:

  • Maximum bid: It gives you the privilege to spend as much money you want to spend on your Ads to target the audience so that they are engaged in your content.
  • Automatic bid: In this, the bills are based on your group budget and the audience.
  • Target bid: This bid permits you to pay some specific amount as the Twitter bill.

5. Selecting the Audience for Ad groups

You must select the “targeting” option which is after the “details” tab. Here you can set the criteria for the target audience.

Your audience should be personalized so that they are good for your company. By personalizing your audience, you are paying only for those who are genuinely interested in your content and are downloading them so that they can get more information about the product. Criteria to be followed to personalize your audience are:

  1. Age: The range of the age should be set to those who will Advertise the product.
  2. Language: It should be set with location filters as different languages are spoken in different areas of the world.
  3. Audience features: It includes events, topics of conversation, keywords, shows.
  4. Gender: You can target a particular gender if your product is gender-specific. For example, you can target males if your product is related to them.
  5. Location: You can target according to the location of your business.
  6. Device: It is the best option for the target audience.

You can also select the devices on which you want your tweets to be shown.

6. Targeting through keywords:

In the audience features field, there is an option of targeting by “keywords”. You can easily connect to those people who are using specific keywords in their search.

It helps you to get an idea of how many people are using specific keywords on Twitter. You can see in the above image that about 7.67 million people are using the “marketing” keyword.

7. Targeting through followers and interests:

You can easily target the followers according to their interests. It helps you to create a list so that you can target those users that are interested in similar content.

8. Select the creatives you’d like to run with each ad group.

 Your last work is to select creatives that you want to use with each group that belongs to your campaign. Creative is referred to like the tweets that are to be promoted and these can be selected from the creative tab. You can select from the previous tweet or can create a new tweet. You must click on the blue icon to create a new tweet. Various tweets that come under the group’s creative tab. You can also promote it using the Twitter Ad campaign. Below is the image of this option.

Besides tweets promotion, you can also select the option of displaying the tweets on the user’s profile. By this, you can get a qualified audience as these people are looking for genuine content. This option can be selected from the creative tab. It is shown below:

9. Analyzing and Launching the campaign:

The final task is selecting the ‘’review your campaign’’ option so that you can view the details of your campaign. After checking, click on the launch campaign.

How to Promote Tweets?

These are paid Ads that are used to attract the target audience according to their interests. Every single tweet is supported by an Ad. The audience can be customized.

Here are some ways to promote a tweet:

1. By selecting the “Promote mode” and then select “Get started” option:

You must start where you started by creating an Ad campaign. Next click on “Get started”, then click on the “Next” option.

2. By selecting a time zone and country:

At present tweets can only be promoted in the U.K., U.S. and in Japan. Select your country and time zone, after that click on the “Next” option.

3. By choosing “location” or “interest”:

Tweets are promoted according to the interest of the people and their location. You can choose any of these methods after that you have to follow the steps below according to your choice made.

4. Select approximately 5 interests related to your audience:

After selecting this option click on the next option and the above image will be displayed on your screen. A maximum of five interest can be selected from the displayed page for your audience.

5. Selecting locations:

After selecting this option click on the next option and the page shown in the image above will be displayed on your screen. You can search for any city, state, country where you want your Ad to be shown. Maximum 5 locations can be selected where you want to promote your tweet. These tweets can only be promoted to the audience that is living in the U.K., U.S. or Japan

6. Reviewing Ad and selecting “Proceed” option:

Click next after selecting the interest and location of the users. Next, your Twitter will display your Ad with your bill. After the review click on the “Proceed” option.

7. Launching promoted tweet:

After Adding billing information select the save option to promote your tweet officially.

There you have it! No matter which type of Twitter ad you create, be sure to keep an eye on your campaigns as they run and continue to optimize them for better results in the future.

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