Micro Influencer Secrets

A micro-influencer is a smaller influencer – someone that has the power to drive buyer behavior, to make a big impact on the fortunes of a brand simply through an endorsement, and that is able to build support for a movement or an idea.

When we think of influencers, we tend to think of the huge names on Instagram with millions of followers. These influencers can easily charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single post of themselves wearing some merchandise!

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A micro influencer is an influencer that has a few thousand followers, as opposed to a few million. The result is that the absolutely massive brands won’t want to pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars to upload their posts.

But at the same time, they can still attract smaller brands and slightly smaller pay days. And they can still earn a living doing what they want.

What’s most key here, is that as a micro influencer, you have a small audience that nevertheless is still extremely engaged and loves the content that you put out.

Put it another way: it’s better to have 2,000 followers if 100% of them like every post and buy any product you create, than it is to have 1,000,000 followers if most of those disengaged from your brand years ago. The latter in fact can be extremely destructive!

Creating 2,000 loyal followers now is a very realistic goal. So how do you get there?


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