Marketing is a set of activities related to creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for others. In business, the function of marketing is to bring value to customers, whom the business seeks to identify, satisfy, and retain.

Before you can create anything of value, first you must identify a want or need that you can address, as well as the prospective customers who possess this want or need.

Next, you work to satisfy these customers by delivering a product or service that addresses these needs at the time customers want it. Key to customer satisfaction is making sure everyone feels they benefit from the exchange. Your customer is happy with the value they get for what they pay. You are happy with the payment you receive in exchange for what you provide.

Effective marketing doesn’t stop there. It also needs to retain customers by creating new opportunities to win customer loyalty and business.

Yet, in all this, the big takeaway should not necessarily be over-delivering for the sake of some form of preservation, but simply helping someone and gaining a friend.

We sincerely hope we can deliver these types of offerings to you.


Giving back is one of the greatest life lessons we can teach ourselves and our children.

Through our actions, people will really discover what kind of a person we truly are.

I’m proud to partner with individuals and organizations that place an emphasis on giving back to others and their communities.

If you are similarly inclined and looking for partnerships or otherwise “sharing the love”, please feel free to contact us about your vision or project.

If you are a charity in need of any services we offer, please contact us and we can discuss what we may be able to accommodate.

Thank you!

Jake Langille

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