AliDropship Review – Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress

AliExpress is a very large retail eCommerce website owned by the Alibaba Group that enables vendors (mainly Chinese) and international shoppers to connect. AliExpress has low prices and a diverse selection of goods attracting customers from around the globe.

The Alidropship plugin offers a complete set of features that allow you to easily start and run a successful dropshipping webstore from the AliExpress website.

The plugin can easily search for and add products to your site just by specifying categories, keywords, purchase volumes and other filtering options to find the best products for your store.

Special Note:

Maximum discounts on all the best AliDropship solutions:

  • 35% OFF the AliDropship plugin with the code HOT35
  • 25% OFF a Custom and Premium store with the code HOT25
  • 35% OFF all paid Add-ons, Themes and Import Packs with the code HOT35

Two Add-ons as a GIFT with every purchase of AliDropship plugin or ANY store:

  • Bulk Discounts for triggering sales with hot offers (regular price $29)
  • Product Bundle for selling more items per one order (regular price $39)

It saves your clients an extra $68!


AliDropship plugin is a WordPress dropshipping plugin that sources products directly from AliExpress and displays them 2 theme types of WordPress themes:

  1. On a WordPress theme built by AliDropship (some are free, some paid)
  2. On almost any other WordPress theme and adding the Woocommerce Plugin

Each of the two types require a different plugin but perform the same function.

  1. AliDropship original plugin
  2. AliDropship Woo plugin.

Depending on your personal preferences, skills and business aims, you may choose either version of the plugin. Refer to the comparison chart below to learn the major differences between the two plugins.

It is not recommended to add more than 400-500 products to your WooCommerce site. It can lead to issues with high CPU usage on your server and heavy database load created by multiple WooCommerce queries. 

Sometimes this is NOT always the case as mentioned by some of the more experienced users in their forum.

In fact I personally run a successful AliExpress Woocommerce store that has over 2000 products.

Contact me if you need the solution >> Contact Us

It is recommend choosing AliDropship Woo plugin if:

  • You already have a deep understanding of WooCommerce and are highly experienced in this field
  • You already have a WooCommerce-based online store, and you need to fill it with AliExpress products in a quick, efficient, and effortless way

It is recommend choosing the original version of AliDropship if:

  • You are making your first steps in the whole eCommerce sphere and you don’t have a solid previous experience in the field
  • You’re creating a brand new online store from scratch
  • You are looking for a full-scale solution that contains all the necessary features in a single package and doesn’t require you to search, install and pay for any additional plugins and themes.

Please note that AliDropship original plugin is only compatible with the built-in themes and does not support Woocommerce themes.

The AliDropship Woo plugin works with themes produced by WooCommerce and cannot be installed with the built-in themes.

I personally run 2 webstores:

  • One on the Flatsome theme
  • The other on the Rehub theme

Since AliDropship original plugin is not compatible with WooCommerce and AliDropship Woo plugin, you should carefully consider all options of the two plugins before making your final decision on which version to go with. If you decide to switch to the other version of the plugin, you will need to reinstall your WP and start your website from scratch. This must be done to avoid possible conflicts between the plugins. 

I have used both versions and I much prefer the flexibility of the WooCommerce version for the following reasons:

  • The vast amount of choices in themes
  • The ability to modify components and display pages
  • I like that all the tools and plugins I use with a standard WordPress theme
    (I find the “built-in” tools in the AliDropship themes less flexible to work with)

I find the AliDropship original themes to look like out of the box clones on many other sites.

If you want a more exclusive store with one-of-a-kind design or to better match your BRANDING then WooCommerce version is the best solution.

Once again, choose wisely. Remember you CANNOT import, export or transfer anything between versions.



One-Click Import From AliExpress

Just visit, find a necessary item, and import it directly in your site in just one click. The desired product will appear on your site instantly, including all images, descriptions and variants.


The auto-updating system keeps your product info fresh and corresponding to the latest data from AliExpress.

Pricing Automation

Use an advanced pricing markup formula to apply your rules for particular products or all items in your store.

Fulfill Orders Automatically

Forget about ordering every product manually. Just click the ‘Order’ button and quickly confirm your order on AliExpress.

ePacket Shipping Filter

Offer your customers fast and free delivery with our ePacket shipping option that makes finding products a breeze.

Auto Order Tracking

The Plugin checks your orders for tracking updates and sends email notifications to your clients automatically.


Built-in Themes

The Plugin comes with a variety of professionally designed themes that you can easily setup, swap and customize.

Product Customization

Edit your products anytime including changing titles, descriptions, images, prices, variations, and you can even add your own items.

Unlimited Number of Products

There’s no limit to the number of products you can sell in your online store.

Product Variations

Offer different variations of your products including multiple sizes, colors, materials, and more.

WooCommerce Support

Enjoy the wide variety of Woo themes and extensions by selecting our WooCommerce version of the AliDropship plugin.

Built-In Image Editor

Edit images before importing them to your store from AliExpress, and make changes to product images directly from the WordPress admin panel.


Discount Coupons

Run sales and promotions by offering your visitors custom coupon codes. Choose the type of discounts you’ll offer including dollars off,
percentage off, free shipping, etc.

Product Reviews

Engage your customers and encourage sales with the option to import reviews onto your site directly from AliExpress.

SEO Product Tags

Optimize your product pages for search engines with product specific meta tags, titles, descriptions and keywords.

Abandoned Cart

Cart Abandonment is common, and it happens for a variety of reasons. Our plugin will send follow-up emails to recover sales that would otherwise be lost.

Email Lists

The Plugin collects both the emails of your customers and the emails of users who left their contact information on your site but did not complete a purchase.


Live Statistics

Simply connect your Google Analytics to the Plugin and get detailed data about your visitors and traffic sources.

Payment Gateways Integration

AliDropship Plugin supports all the most popular payment processors like PayPal, 2CO, Stripe, PayU and many more.

Inventory Management

The plugin allows you to closely manage your entire inventory. You can track your stock counts and stop selling products when any inventory runs out.

All-in-One Dashboard

AliDropship’s intuitive user dashboard helps you make the right choices for your business as you monitor & control your sales, orders, traffic, and all-important webstore activities.

Cash-Back System

Earn up to 12% commission on each purchase as an additional bonus to your main dropshipping revenue.

Free Updates & Support

Buying the Plugin gets you full after-sales support and life-long free updates with continuously updating options and features.

Additional Features

Fully Compatible with WooCommerce

Using a WooCommerce version of the dropshipping plugin, you can enjoy the variety of WooCommerce themes and enhance the functionality of your webstore with additional Woo plugins.

FREE Package of 50 AliExpress Bestsellers

After the AliDropship plugin installation, you get instant access to a database of 50,000+ handpicked AliExpress top-performing products in a variety of different niches – and the first 50 imports are absolutely FREE for you!

Note: These are “premium imports” and additional imports above the initial 50 require a paid plugin.

All In One Solution to Manage Your Business

The Plugin offers great functionality and many helpful tools. All your products, pricing, sales, profit, traffic stats and orders are available and managed within one single control panel.


AliDropship makes professional sales-ready themes for your dropshipping store. These themes are designed to boost conversions and provide customers the perfect shopping experience.

Custom Stores

The fact is that it is not easy to build an online store. It takes a great amount of time and energy to learn all the skills. Many people find it too technical and don’t want to even bother, or give up trying.

AliDropship Custom Store Solution

The Easiest Way to Start a Dropshipping Business

  • They will do niche research
  • Setup choices of what type of products to import and sell
  • Help in finding a brandable domain name and acquiring it
  • Design your store so that it looks professional
  • Setup security and additional tools and plugin

Personal Manager

Your custom store comes with a dedicated manager who will guide you through every step of your custom store creation, answer all your questions and take care of any technical issues.

Niche Research

AliDropship will carefully select and analyze a product niche for you, ensure your niche is in high demand and will stay profitable in the future.

Mobile and SEO Friendly

AliDropship provides cutting-edge responsive design that looks perfect on the screen size of any device — and even optimize your content for the search engines.

Lifetime Support

Ordering a custom store from AliDropship also gets you technical help, advice and free software updates, no matter when you made your purchase.

100% Ownership

You don’t depend on anyone else’s rules or limits and can do whatever you want with your custom store. You can customize and upgrade your site — or even sell it.

Custom Stores Summary

The Staff at AliDropship are helpful and have flexible options in helping you create the eCommerce store you desire. The price of the custom store can be very different from the posted price because of addon plugins and other options. You would best consult your Personal Manager.

A ready-made store does not guarantee its success. You will have to be consistent in working on ways to advertise and market your store. You will have to realize that it may take some time before you see consistent results.

Do not give up quickly and especially with search. Oftentimes it takes between a few and many months for products to appear in SEO results.

This issue can of course can be resolved by advertising. A targeted campaign can be your best asset when beginning your store.

You should also have an advertising budget before ordering an AliDropship Custom Store.


AliDropship has powerful add-ons designed to deliver exceptionally high performance and functionality to your AliDropship webstore.

The plugins are easy to install and easy to use. They provide expert solutions for elevating your webstore sales and customer experience. Addons include:


Sales Boosters

Workflow Automaters

Social Media Promoters

Customer Trust Boosters

Money Back Guarantee – If you’re not 100% satisfied, get your money back.


AliDroship offers hosting solutions for WordPress-based dropshipping websites. Features include:

  • Perfectly optimized for the AliDropship plugin
  • High performance and fast site loading speeds
  • Free website setup
  • Easy-to-manage control panel
  • Free SSL certificate included


Setting up a dropshipping store is a lot of work. If you’re puzzled over something (or just need an extra hand or two), AliDropship offers a full suite of done-for-you website services provided by the AliDropship team. These services include:


  • Addons’ Setup
  • AliDropship Plugin Setup
  • Social Rabbit Plugin Setup
  • Email Subscription Form Setup
  • Product Data Entry
  • Theme Switching
  • Custom Design
  • Website Installation
  • Website Checkup
  • Domain Switching Bundle
  • Custom Development
  • Primary Website Setup Bundle


  • Social Media Setup
  • SEO Starter Pack
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Promo Video Creation
  • BAnner Ads Design
  • Promo Services Bundle
  • Winning Product & Ad Strategy
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram Video Ads
  • Email Marketing Setup
  • Dropshipping Store Review
  • Marketing Services Bundle
  • Deep Niche Research
  • Engaging Social Media Posts
  • Lead Generation Popup Setup
  • Traffic Generating Ad and Blog Post


  • Hosting
  • Server Configuration
  • Hosting Setup and Support

Money Back Guarantee – If you’re not 100% satisfied, get your money back.

AliDropship Resources

Alidropship has plenty of great resources for your new eCommerce webstore These include:

  • Learning Guides
  • Case Studies
  • FAQ Section
  • An Active Forum
  • Marketing Tips
  • Profit Calculators and Tools
  • Daily Blog Subscription with Tips and Trends
  • …and much more


I have found the AliDropship plugin very reliable and useful. Out of all the “flakey product importing crap” I’ve paid good money for over the years, the AliDropship plugin is by far the best I’ve used thus far. Especially at the ONE-TIME price they offer it for.

I love the auto-update of prices and inventories feature and the general overall integration with the AliExpress website. The Chrome import extension is very handy as well.

Auto order filling to Aliexpress is also a huge time saver. It’s kinda like having a VA.

I would highly recommend the Alidropship Plugin along with the support I’ve received.

Note: I did not purchase a custom store so I could not review that section.

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