Competing In Facebook Marketing

In a very competitive platform such as Facebook, many businesses and brands end up doing creative things (some good some bad), just to win over their target market share.

The first thing to consider is selecting your audience and their Ad groups.

Finding success with Facebook, will require you to design content for a targeted audience.

Your audience should be personalized so that they are good for your company. By personalizing your audience, you are paying ad spend only for those who are genuinely interested in your content and are downloading them so that they can get more information about the product. Criteria to be followed to personalize your audience are:

  1. Age: The range of the age should be set to those who will Advertise the product.
  2. Language: It should be set with location filters as different languages are spoken in different areas of the world.
  3. Audience features: It includes events, topics of conversation, keywords, shows.
  4. Gender: You can target a particular gender if your product is gender-specific. For example, you can target males if your product is related to them.
  5. Location: You can target according to the location of your business.
  6. Device: It is the best option for the target audience.

Other targeting criteria can include Marital status, education, interests and quite frankly, with today’s AI, the list is massive.

You can also select the devices on which you want your ads to be shown.

Additionally, you can incorporate the option of targeting by “keywords”. You can easily connect to those people who are using specific keywords in their search.

Moving along, this vast social media site is all about competition, and to win over others, your ad strategies should consider the Description, Thumbnail and Headline.

If you’re going to use sponsored ads, then maximize your chance to promote your brand. This can be done in many ways. First, you need to give your viewers an idea, in a concise way, through the Meta description.

This is the short description that would appear next to your ad. Also, choosing the right thumbnail on your post is highly essential. When Facebook users browse through the site, they barely even notice the ads, unless the photo is highly striking, and would eventually catch their interest.

More importantly, the ad title should be short, yet, appealing. You can try mixing up a teaser style that would spark curiosity or a full headline that would compel the reader to click.


Checking Out Other Pages

To succeed in Facebook marketing, you need to follow other pages. This might seem like an odd tip, but by following and getting a benchmark from other similar pages, you can have an idea of the trend’s customer feedback and insights from their end.

Moreover, you can also check the average likes and number of followers they have. This can be a good start on assessing your room for improvement.

Try not to post anything during peak hours. Yes, you might be thinking that the most strategic time to post is when a lot of people are online. However, it is also during these times that the people’s new feed gets bombarded with stories, posts and links.

By posting during non-peak hours, the tendency is that people would be seeing your post upon checking their feeds. This can be before 8 am or after 6 pm.

Creativity Is Key

Be creative in your posts. Again, following the trend is an important aspect of this part. Most people nowadays, share and repost photos that are exceptionally funny, motivating and provides insights.

These photos come in forms of doodle photos, captioned photos or simply text photos. The trick here is to incorporate your brand well into the gist of every post.

Post Questions

If you want to improve on your customer interaction, you need to ask some pools or surveys to your followers. This is an easy way to increase likes and improve engagement and also to hear out their ideas.

It is ideal to ask questions that are open-ended and are likely to stir up meaningful conversations among users. This might even invite more people to join the discussion and like your page.

Digital Customer Care

Show that you care. Facebook is a very good platform to show how much you value customer insights, so you need to take advantage of this opportunity.

Customers are more likely to trust a brand that could be easily reached through social media. You can do this by replying to comments and showing that you immediately address issues and concerns raised by page followers.

Tips On Facebook Marketing

Thinking of how to improve marketing strategies on Facebook? Ever wonder what tactics are being used by professionals?

here’s no need to worry because this part of the chapter will show some examples of the hottest Facebook marketing tips and tactics today:

• Consider using ActionSprout. If marketers think that Facebook pages are the real battlegrounds on Facebook, think again. Users typically interact with the page updates appearing in their news feeds apart from visiting the actual Facebook pages.

ActionSprout is a good additional custom tab on Facebook pages. While most Facebook pages require users to visit their pages before doing any actions, ActionSprout works differently by letting marketers create action options directly on the news feed.

Once users have already clicked the action of their choice in the news feed update, they will be automatically redirected to another page in order to continue the completion of the action.

• Boost announcements for new products. Boosted posts for a newly launched product can increase the demand as well as the fans that like the page.

It is ideal for small scale business even though it is not recommended by some Facebook marketing experts. Do not hesitate to test this kind of technique.

After all, the refusal of recommendation doesn’t mean that this is ineffective and will not work.

• Make use of website custom audiences. While Facebook ads are used to target a specific audience, running a Facebook ad through the use of “Power Editor” can target all the visitors of a Facebook page (website custom audiences). In order to increase leads and potential customers, Facebook ads should be creative.

• Increase PR Efforts. Facebook is not only used for marketing campaigns, but it can also support the brand’s publicity efforts. A lot of journalists rely on Facebook to look for stories. With the help of the said social media platform, sharing stories is now easy.

As a result, there will be faster information delivery to the public especially if there are emerging issues and breaking news regarding new developments, etc.

• Use Facebook’s audience insights. Better return of investments can be generated if a business knows how to target a particular type of audience for advertising and optimize content strategies after understanding the audience’s insights.

This will let the marketers see what’s engaging for the audience and what type of post does this audience likes. By investing time to understand their insights, fans will become more receptive to posted content.

• Do split testing on Facebook ads. Finding the right keywords to use is crucial for Facebook advertising. To prevent wasting money, it is recommended to do a split advertising test first.

Allocate portions of the advertising budget on running a variety of ads one at a time. Then, study the comparisons to assess which particular advertisement works best.

Only split testing can answer what particular benefit can a marketer get if he targets a narrow or wider audience.

Before anything else, it is important to plan ahead. This can give marketers enough time to develop Facebook marketing campaigns and incorporate these tips and tactics afterward.

Facebook Marketing Dos and Don’ts

About 1.39 billion users are active on using Facebook and half of them log in every day. There are 5 newly-created profiles every second and approximately 30 million fan pages belong to businesses.

On top of all this, about 1 billion Facebook searches are made every day.

Given all the statistics, it is important to use Facebook marketing strategies in order to catch up with the growing number of active Facebook users and fan pages.

While it is hard for marketers to build loyal followings on Facebook fan pages, knowing the “dos” and “don’ts” is essential for them to see what’s working and what’s not in the field of Facebook marketing.

Some of the important things to apply and classic mistakes to avoid as a Facebook marketer:

• Draw fans by being authentic. Use Facebook to post original content that should not be missed. In the end, let people know what makes a company stands out among the rest.

• Value customer service at all times. Satisfied customers keep coming back for more and might also end up recommending the business to their connections.

In order to keep them coming back, a Facebook marketer must be able to listen and quickly respond to customer queries.

• Set-up Facebook fan pages, not profile accounts. Using profile accounts for business is clearly a violation of Facebook policies. Also, Facebook pages have certain privileges on analytics, ads and apps which are not applicable in profile accounts.

While Facebook pages can accommodate unlimited fans, profile accounts can only accommodate 5,000 friends/connections.

• Develop solid posting strategies. Content and consistency are the two main keys to have a firm posting strategy. Identify the marketing goals first then come up with solid posting strategies that can achieve the ideal results.

• Understand customers’ needs by getting their feedback. What they will say is important for the improvement of products and services. There are a lot of ways for them to give feedback. Some of these include:

  1. Completing surveys
  2. Responding to posts
  3. Giving recommendations

• Remember that investing time in reading customer feedbacks is good for any business.

• Never spam Facebook pages. Spamming people is the worst thing to do in marketing because it can lead to the loss of followers and prospective customers.

• It is important to mix up content through sharing videos, quotes, and articles as well as asking questions about particular issues. Content that contains pushy marketing messages is considered as spam.

• Do not measure success through the number of likes. The real basis for having a successful Facebook page is the following: engagement, conversions and reach.

Getting a lot of likes doesn’t equate to having connections. They are built through customer interactions.

• Do not be confined by using marketing strategies on Facebook alone. Relying solely on it is effective but integrating it with other marketing strategies of social media platforms is more effective.

Doing cross-promotional strategies on various social media networks will expand the content’s reach.

There you have it! No matter which type of Facebook ad you create, be sure to keep an eye on your campaigns as they run and continue to optimize them for better results in the future.

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