Twitter Marketing Success Strategy Guide for 2020


What is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter is a dynamic social networking tool where you can search for any topic and access the information related to it be it pop culture, local or global news or any brands you use. Various businesses and companies are using Twitter marketing and implementing marketing strategies to continuously update their business presence and to stay in trend. Content can be easily distributed with the help of the Twitter platform and this guide can be used to improve your global and local marketing efforts.

Twitter Marketing Strategy:

It is a strategy that includes publishing and distributing content, creating users, followers through this platform. The main aim of this strategy is to get new followers, create brand awareness, increase sales and boost conversions.

Below are steps are required for a successful Twitter marketing strategy :

  • Content should be engaging and unique
  • Results and impact should be analyzed
  • Research should be done on the buyer’s personas
  • Post schedules should be organized and consistent

How To Use Twitter For Business

There are some steps to be followed to search for your target audience. These steps can be followed according to your business type, size, goal, industry. Which steps are to be followed and which to be left depends on your business needs? Following are some tips to improve followers, likes and tweets on the platform:

Creating a Twitter list

When you click on the twitter list you can see the tweets that are posted by the accounts that are on the list. Like at HubSpot, the list contains top business podcasters, leadership experts and many more. Basically, it is the list of accounts selected by you and placed in the categories.

Twitter list is great if any specific account is to be followed. The list should be segmented into groups like competitors, content, interactions and target audience so that their posts can be easily reviewed.

Advertisements on Twitter:

Reaching the audience through Advertisements on Twitter is a great way. Your tweets will be discoverable easily by thousands of people, lead to an increase in your followers. This can be achieved through both Twitter Ads and promoted tweets.

Twitter Ads:

This platform is great if you need to increase your business sales and achieve your goals. Twitter Ads are the best option.

These tweets appear in search results. You will be charged for these tweets promotion. These tweets will be put in a daily campaign so that it can reach your target audience.

Utilization Of Twitter Moments:

It is a collection of tweets related to a specific topic. These can be said to be the best collection of tweets. For example, it includes ‘’entertainment’’, ‘’today’’, ‘’fun’’, ‘’news’’, etc. Users can create their own section of moments so that the followers can view them. These moments also help to market the business. This way it gets easier to share your brand image with the audience.

Build A Follower Count:

If you want to increase your brand awareness you should have more followers. You should focus on getting more Twitter followers. The more followers you have, the more people look at your content and sharing it.

There are some ways by which you can increase your Twitter followers:

  • Hashtags used should be unique
  • Take help of Twitter influencers
  • Try to interact with your followers and share their content so that they can also share the content which you are tweeting
  • Content should be shareable
  • Content should be engaging
  • Provide links to your profile on your website.

Branding Your Twitter Profile:

If you want people to recognize and remember your profile, you should brand and customize it with Adding colors, logo and other recognizable details. You can customize your profile in the following sections.

  • Handle: It denotes your username. It can be your company’s name so that your followers can easily find you. It is created when you sign up for your account.
  • Profile Picture: Various tweets, interactions, moves, and posts are represented by your profile picture. Your profile picture can be your company’s logo or its initials.
  • URL: Under your bio, you can provide your company’s URL so that people can easily click on that link and visit your website.
  • Header: It is referred to as the background image. You can choose your logo or you can create your own branded image.
  • Bio: In your bio, you can provide a brief synopsis of what the users are going to see in your account. It can be of 150 characters or less. It can include your mission, beliefs, or some humorous and engaging content.
  • Birthday: With the URL of the company, you can also include the foundation day of the company so that people can get to know when the company was founded.

Hosting Twitter chat:

You can engage your followers by hosting a twitter chat you can discuss any topic you can ask your audience about their opinion on your work.

  • For the Twitter chat, select a topic.
  • Finalize a date and time on which the chat will happen.
  • You can also share its detail on your website link or through your tweets or where you want.
  • Select suitable hashtags.

People who wish to join your Twitter chat or want to give responses or ask questions can easily do that by searching the hashtags provided by you. Through Twitter chats, more people will be engaged and you will be able to interact with them. By doing so your brand will gain popularity and people will become aware of your content.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Twitter can help you direct traffic to your website — there are a number of ways to include your website’s URL on your profile as well as add links to your web pages and blogs in your tweets. Here are some ways you can use the platform to direct traffic to your website to help you increase your conversions and sales.

  • Incorporating website links in tweets
  • Tweets can be embedded with the Twitter timeline
  • Providing your website URL in your profile
  • Blogs shared by people can be retweeted so that direct link to your website it is provided
  • The Twitter Ad should be provided so that the users can directly reach the page on your site.

Get Verified on Twitter

Accounts verified by Twitter are the accounts that are related to acting, government, religion, media, fashion, music, sports, and other areas of journalism. You can also get your account verified depending on the company size and the type of the industry.

If your application is accepted and your account is verified a badge will appear. This badge will contain a blue checkmark inside. It is a symbol of an authentic account. Verification of the account will not lead to any confusion as there are some other pages in which we have the same content.

Best Practices for Twitter Marketing Success

Here is a list of strategies you should implement in your Twitter marketing campaigns to help you dominate in 2020. Following these best practices will dramatically increase your authoritativeness, visibility, and conversions.

1. Using Hashtags:

Hashtag Addition helps to increase your influence on your account. Few guidelines are to be followed before using hashtags so that you can get a large number of followers. These guidelines are:

  1. Your hashtags should be unique so that your followers can easily locate you and the content posted by you.
  2. With the help of Twitter analytics, you can find your successful hashtags and can use them for your future tweets.
  3. Hashtags related to some specific content that is being gone on should be memorable.
  4. The use of hashtags should be limited. Overuse of hashtags can lead to a downfall in the follower’s engagement.

2. Use More videos and Images:

When possible, try to include quality videos and photos in your tweets. It’s been proven that tweets with images outperform tweets strictly made of text. Photos and images provide an eye-catching and engaging element in your content as Twitter users scroll through their feeds. More people are engaged in the tweets which contain videos. In fact, tweets with videos are likely to get an average of six times the amount of engagement than tweets without them. Videos help the audience to know more about the product you are selling and how to utilize them.

3. Sharing media mentions:

You should share articles videos and images related to your business which has been mentioned in the media so that people can check your profile and come to know how many people are following your company and using your product and enjoying your services. It will help more and more people visiting the provided link and it will also leAd to traffic on the website of the outlet. It may also lead to an increase in the follower count and brand recognition. And due to this traffic on their website, you may again get mentioned and shared on their site again in the future.

4. Twitter campaign

The best way to reach your audience is through marketing campaigns. To increase followers, you need to create a social marketing campaign along with increasing your brand awareness. Steps to be followed to create a marketing campaign are listed below:

  1. Find ways to appeal your audience
  2. Sharing of your content and its promotion
  3. Research on your competitors
  4. Select the content to be created
  5. Result Analysis

More Twitter campaign information can be found in our guide: How to Setup a Twitter Ad Campaign in 2020.

5. Content should be created by keeping in mind the needs and interest of the followers:

If you want to attract more audiences you should have content that is fulfilling the needs and interests of the followers. Please read our helpful guide to Best Content for Twitter Marketing for great ideas and best content practices. When you meet the needs of your target audience and buyer personas, they’ll be more likely to continue to follow and interact with your company.

By studying the buyer’s personas, you can get an idea about the content they are searching for and what they want you to share. A Twitter chat can be organized so that you can come to know about the feedback of the product and the problems that people are facing and the improvements that they want.

6. Check messages regularly:

Like other social media apps, Twitter also provides a feature of direct messaging so that people can contact you in private and ask you questions for their concerns and give some comments related to the product. So you should check your inbox regularly. It will help you to support your business and is a type of customer service for your users.

7. Keywords should be used in Twitter Ads:

Different phrases and words used by you and the tweets can help you to engage the users. Your followers will increase and your business will grow if the content provided is relevant to the users. The types of keywords used are listed below:

  • Timeline keyword targeting:

It helps you to tweet according to the emotions thoughts and feelings of the users for example if you can use some words or phrases like training for a marathon, for the running race if you are running a gear company.

  • Search keyword targeting:

This keyword can help the users to find some topics that are related to your business for example. If the product you are selling is gluten-free cookies then you can target the audience those who are searching for baking, gluten intolerance or some disease.

8. Create a Schedule for content sharing

You want to grow the followers you need to post regularly so that the viewers get engaged with the content and help you in increasing your business. As you grow your base of followers, you’ll need to post on a regular basis to ensure they stay engaged with your business and content. Not only do you want to tweet regularly, but you also want to tweet at the right times of the day.

So here are some tips for when you should post your content:

  • You should post on any day of the week between 5 to 6 p.m.
  • B2B companies can tweet on weekdays
  • Between 8–10 AM and 6–9 PM on weekdays
  • For B2C companies you can tweet on weekends

In terms of how often you should post your content on Twitter, there’s no real rule — it’s more about ensuring the content you’re sharing has a purpose and meaning. With the help of a social media management tool, you can schedule your tweets so that you can easily manage your other tasks.

Here are some examples of the social media scheduling tools that can be used for marketing strategy:

  • Twitter Analytics: It helps to analyze your tweet and tells you which content is best for business growth.
  • Sprout Social: It helps you to reach the target audience and buyer’s personas through platforms that include engagement tools, analytics and details about the content that the users want.
  • Hubspot: With this tool, you can schedule your post beforehand and remain connected with your audience and understand how Twitter is helping you in your business growth.

9. Strong Profile bio:

It is very important to have a strong bio. Bio is the first thing that is read by any visitor who visits your profile and wants to know about your company. It is a brief introduction and should be explained in less than 150 characteristics and you should choose your words wisely so that it has a great impact on the visitor.

10. Interaction with followers:

It is very important to engage with your followers. This is crucial to increase the follower’s count. This will help you create experiences for your followers and members who feel personal will come back to your profile and gain trust in your brand. If someone retweets your post, you can either comment or like that person’s post.

11. Monitor your competitor’s account:

It is a great way to monitor your competitor’s progress. You can always see their tweets either by following them or searching for them.  You can also view their posts, comments, and responses. You can also get an idea of the strategies that your competitors are using to increase brand awareness.

12. Promoting your events:

Twitter is a great way to promote various events. You can use unique hashtags to promote various events that your company is hosting or schedule a variety of tweets (using one of your social media management tools) to promote any special occasion your company is hosting. Everyone can get the details of the events whether they are your followers or not.

13. Track analytics:

Whatever efforts you are putting to increase your business or the strategies you are using you should be sure that these will lead to traffic on your website and increasing in the conversion or increase your brand awareness.

You can analyze your work and track your success. To do so you should consider the metrics that matter the most, and how will you track them. Metrics to be tracked on Twitter. Every business is unique with its different goals. you cannot track all the metrics so here is a list of some of the metrics that you can consider:

  1. Impressions: check how many times your tweet has appeared on the audience timeline.
  2. Top tweets: view the tweets that have engaged more people.
  3. Engagement: view all the replies, comments, favorites, follows you get through your tweets.
  4. Hashtags: review which of your hashtags are used more by your followers

Additional Twitter analytics info is available in our article: How to Track Twitter Followers and Analyse Metrics


Twitter is a powerful marketing tool and social media platform any business can take advantage of. It has the ability to help you direct more traffic to your website, improve brand awareness, engage your audience, create personal relationships with your followers and customers, boost conversions, and increase your sales.

So, consider the Twitter for business tactics as well as the marketing tips and tricks mentioned above and get started sharing content on Twitter to help you grow your business today.

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